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Monday, January 18, 2010

Raw Results Monday January 18, 2009

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Raw Results

Undertaker declined HBK's request for a Wrestlemania ticket. If HBK can defeat Undertaker tonight he will get his title shot at wrestlemania. To which HBK says no. He won't fight unless it is at the grandest stage of them all. HBK will enter the Royal Rumble to win and defeat the Undertaker.

Undertaker is confident he will be the title holder in two weeks after he fights Mysterio. HBK is aiming for Undertaker's soul.

Sheamus versus Evan Bourne. In two weeks Sheamus puts his title on the line against Orton. Evan Bourne one of 30 men to battle in the royal rumble. Orton is walking down the ramp heading towards the ring. Sheamus is getting distracted Bourne capitalizes on Sheamus. Sheamus refocuses and inflicts more pain on Bourne with a boot to the head. And ends with the Celtic Cross.

Orton heads into the ring. The audience is desperate for a RKO. Sheamus backs away from Orton to get his title. And holds it high in the air. Next they show HBK talking with Triple H. And they show Don Johnson the guest gm for the night. Don Johnson talking with Triple H. They show Carlito dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite.

Mark Henry versus Jack Swagger. Which proved to be a lame match when Mark Henry tossed Jack Swagger over the ring. Ending the match. He will be a difficult man to eliminate at the Royal Rumble. Bella Twins are coming out with John Heder and Don Johnson.

Out comes the two actors. Accompanied by the Bella Twins. The main event is gonna feature Degeneration X. To which Heder wants something new. Heder calls out the Miz. The Miz causes conflict between the gms. Wow so I'm watching the back and forth between Heder and The Miz with reference to Miztake. Hmmm I think I have seen this somewhere.

MVP came out and is set to take out the Miz and Heder. Out comes the Big Show. Big Show comes after MVP and MVP went after the Miz. Miz and Big Show are sizing each other up. DX will go against the team of The Big Show and The Miz.

Up next is Kofi Kingston and John Cena versus Legacy. The crowd goes insane for both Kingston and Cena. Kingston and Cena won barely with Legacy doing everything in their power to win. But the team of Kingston and Cena were successful.

Looks like the main event will be a 6 man match including Hornswaggle with DX and John Heder with Big Show and The Miz.

Maryse and Alicia Fox versus Gail Kim and Eve. Maryse is beating on Gail Kim along with trash talking her. Alicia Fox tagged in causing more pain on Gail Kim. Gail tagged in Eve who is quick to battle. Eve gets Alicia to tap out ending the match.

John Heder is freaking out with his upcoming match. He is trying to convince Johnson to take his place. Big Show and The Miz try to reassure him. Don Johnson says this is a miztake.

Next they show what is going to happen at the Royal Rumble. Triple H is seen talking to McMahon trying to figure out why the McMahon's can't let things go. Orton is in action next.

Orton versus Chris Masters. Chris Masters escorted to the ring by Eve. And out comes Sheamus to watch the match. Causing a big distraction. Orton causing lots of pain on Masters trying to prove a point to Sheamus. Orton is stuck in the master lock. No one has ever escaped the Masterlock. Orton able to deliver the RKO. Sheamus delivers a kick to Orton knocking him out and stepping on Orton. Sheamus acts more and more like a barbarian. Not sure what his deal is.

Next up DX with Hornswaggle versus Big Show, The Miz, and John Heder. Heder looks ridiculous as the Flame. Don Johnson escorts DX to the ring. Something about the Miz in purple really makes me wonder about him. Big Show has been tagged in to cause pain on HBK. To which Miz gets tagged back in. Don Johnson watching from ring side. HBK quick to turn the match around and cause pain on the Miz. Triple H trying to get HBK to tag in. Hornswaggle tagged in and kicked the Miz in the head. Heder wants to be tagged in. Who's whiter then Sheamus. Heder kicks Hornswaggle. Hornswaggle causing pain to Heder. and Triple H gets tagged in and Heder jumps out of the ring and Johnson throws him back in. HBK delivers sweet chin music and Hornswaggle wins pinning John Heder. Triple H tells him it's not going to work going after the championship to Shawn Michaels and out comes John Cena. John Cena has an announcement to make. John Cena will be in this years Royal Rumble. Last time he was in it he won the whole thing. Big show is coming in to say something. He is in the Royal Rumble as well. Triple H says he will win the Royal Rumble cause he's in it.

Next weeks hosts will be James Roday, Dulé Hill from Psych.


  1. Swagger needs a face transplant he's ugly.

    Would someone like to tell me why my white knight Sheamus is not the main event? Doesn't tradition usually state that the champion is the main event? They keep having him open the show, which is just not enough Sheamus. They need to find away to put Sheamus on both Raw and Smackdown...yeah yeah.

    Sir I have an addiction and I need a big Sheamus fix. LOL

  2. no it doesn't lately the champion doesn't always qualify for a main event and as DX are title holders as well they are intitled to main event fandom. Sheamus won't be on both cause he is a Raw wrestler only person who gets both networks is the tag team.

  3. no it doesn't but no one ever said it had to cover your addiction.