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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 28 2010

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 30th 2010

Not too sure how good this week's is going to be, as I had to go hunting online for it. Haven't had to do that in a long while. BUT it's Saturday morning already and neither iTunes Canada nor Spike Tv official channel posted as of this time (9:43 am EST)

Looks like we opened with alot of Filler. Hey, they must have read this column last week as they called Bishoff on the lack of injury. And I still hate the idea of the ramp going all up to touch the ring. NEXT....

Mr. Anderson's promo was good. Short and to the point. And very right on the use of Mr./Miss/Mrs when you don't really know someone. Proper use of title it's not just for Jane Austen fans anymore.

First match of the night is a first round match of a tournament. Winner of the tournament becomes number one contender.
Wolfe vs the icky sex guy. Please tell me; we are not taking icky sex guy seriously. Morley got Wolfe in a hammer lock, but Wolfe turned it around and then kicked the ropes while Morley's shoulder was against it. Wolfe had him down in the corner for a boot to the throat but he got up and used a closeline to knock Wolfe down. Wolfe managed to use his flying hammerlock takedown to get the upper hand. Wolfe then slapped on his reclining arm stretch before Morley rolled out. Morley used a power slam before Wolfe got him up on the top rope for his tower of london for the win.

Daniels vs Hernandez. also a first round match of the tournament Daniels did not wait for the bell, and jumped Hernandez. He hit him with a series of kicks before running him face first into two turnbuckles. (not going to scream about the six sides being gone. you don't listen anyway)
Hernandez countered with a knee to the chest then got Daniels in a vertical suplex. Daniels went for a sunset flip but it was countered and turned into a clean over head suplex. Daniels then used a cheap shot thumb to the eyes before an insergurnee (this is why I never call it that and just call it a kick to the back of the skull. I need a wrestling dictionary ) Daniels got a near fall then used a jawbreaker and slam softening Hernandez up for a moonsault. Hernandez used a shoulderblock, closeline and then a large overhead back drop. He then went to the top turnbuckle for a splash but Daniels had rolled out of the way. Daniels tried a rollup but only got a near fall. Hernandez got the win with a heavy side slam.

Knock Out match. Beautiful People vs Kong/Hamada/Tara.... Madison Rayne got the win. No I am not going to break the rule I have, just not a whole lot of matches this week so thought I would just say....

The British Invasion came to the ring and cashed in their X-Division title match. But instead of it being Big Useless, Doug Williams had the match against Amazing Red. Williams used the chaos theory to win the X-Division title.

And thank you Mike Foley for the grossness of the dren cleaning story. That was filler we really did not need to hear.

Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Jarrett. Nice. I like the fact Jarrett came to the ring without pyro or music or anything. They started with a collar tie up, Jarrett getting Anderson in the corner. Jarrett had him then in a side head lock before using a shoulder block. Anderson turned it around with a few punches to the back. Jarrett used a high hiptoss takeover then a double dropkick to turn it back around again. He used a running closeline to toss Anderson out of the ring. Anderson got back into the ring and threw Jarrett into the post. Anderson then slapped a hammerlock on him, using a slam to drop him adding extra pressure to the hold. Anderson then continued to work on the arm and shoulder for the rest of the match. He then went to the top turnbuckle but missed as Jarrett rolled out of the way. Anderson used a small package for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! teamed with Brian Kendrick vs Generation Me/Amazing Red. Kendrick jumped Red before the bell. Red somehow managed to get it turned around and slammed kendrick into a corner then powerwalked over his back (sort of sideways) both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin blindtagged themselves in. Red got a kick up to Shelley's jaw then rolled over him to get Sabin with a second kick sending Sabin into the ropes. Then both members of Generation Me tagged in double teaming Shelley with a double mule kick and an odd leapfrog kick before double teaming Sabin with a combo stomach breaker (?) and flying leg drop. Sabin managed to fight out of it and turn it around on Max (the greasy dark haired one) with a knee lift to the jaw in the corner before Shelley came in for an attempt at the stepladder jump but got a facefull of top turnbuckle (is Mr. Shelley okay?) Jeremy tagged in but was caught in an atomic drop by Shelley letting Sabin use his trademark low dropkick while Shelley held him in place in the middle of the ring. Sabin got a near fall. And a very late chant from the crowd of MotorCity
Red tagged in and used a hurricanrana on Sabin. Shelley got into the mix with a superkick which lead nicely to another stepladder dropkick by Sabin to Max, tossing Max off the ring apron. (still do not like the idea of that ramp being there) The Guns! went for a double team on Red but kendrick tagged himself in. He ran in with a stick kick then used a cradle for the win. Mr. Shelley then did his little scratchy thing which we haven't seen him do in a while.

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