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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 31st 2009 (Knockout Eve part 2)

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings
on Jan 1st 2010

iTunes Canada had split the show into two downloads.

We open with the continuation of the Turning Point (Nov 15th 2009 ppv) match between Samoa Joe/Daniels/A.J. Styles.
Styles getting a suplex on Daniels. Joe had been outside the ring then slides in to be greeted by a series of punches from Styles. Joe then kicked Styles on the side of the skull knocking him down. He went for the same round on Daniels but was blocked. Daniels then got Styles with a punch before Styles slapped a paylay on Daniels. Styles had been outside the ring but used a shoulder block on Joe then a flying headbutt before hitting Daniels with a disk closeline. Styles then used a flying forearm off the top ropes on Joe for a near fall. Styles then tried for a flying hangman for another near fall. He went for the move again on Daniels this time but was caught mid move as Daniels got him in the last rites sending him to the mat. Daniels then got a suplex on Joe. Joe then used his trademark muscle buster for a near fall. The crowd started their chant again of this is wrestling Styles and Daniels then spent the next few minutes trying to beat each other with the other man's finishers only to be kicked in the back by Joe. Both Styles and Daniels were sitting on the top rope both about to try a suplex when Joe chopped Styles sending him to the floor. Daniels then used an STO takedown on Joe inside the ring. Daniels did his BME on Joe only to be knocked out with Styles landing a 450 on him getting the pin over Joe. Styles kept his belt.

Round Two of the Knock Out tournament
Roxxi vs Hamada. Hamada got Roxxi down on the mat with an armbar before Roxxi turned it around on her. But Hamada used a drop toe hold to once again gain the advantage. Roxxi used a rolling arm drag to get the momentum back on her side. Hamada used a submission move forcing Roxxi to break it with the use of the ropes. Hamada used a double foot stomp landing on the back of Roxxi from the top rope before using a single legged boston crib sitting down. Roxxi managed to turn it around for a moment with a running kick for a near fall. Hamada used a drop kick off the top rope to send Roxxi flying across the ring. Roxxi used a quick roll for a near fall. She then used the voodoo drop for another near fall. Hamada used a roll up for the win.

ODB vs Kong. Kong gave ODB a short arm closeline on the exposed floor causing ODB's skull to bounce. ODB used a bottle smashing it over Kong's skull for the pin.

We then went to the third fan voted best of match. Styles vs Sting from Bound for Glory (Oct 18th 2009 ppv) This was roughly a 25minute match, and I just could not sit through that much Sting. Bound for Glory is out on dvd.

Final Round of the Knock Out Tournament
ODB vs Hamada. Hamada started with a series of headbutts before using a standing hurricanrana. She then used a tornado DDT off the top rope for a near fall. ODB rolled out of the ring for a few minutes before getting kicked to the face. Hamada used a rollup cradle for another near fall. Hamada then went for a top rope move only to get strung up. ODB used her trademark fall away slam for a near fall then went right into a bear hug. Getting out Hamada used a loose kick knocking both herself and ODB to the mat. Hamada then used a cross body out of the corner for another near fall. ODB then used a jawbreaker getting back in her favour for the moment. Then Kong came to the ring with a table. It took 2 extra refs to get Kong to settle down. Back in the ring, Hamada used a kick to the skull to send ODB to the floor. She then set ODB on Kong's table and moonsaulted off the top turnbuckle. But ODB rolled off last second letting Hamada take the full blow. ODB got her back into the ring and used a TKO for the win.

ODB goes on to face Tara for the Knock Out title on Monday Jan 4th 2010 in the special 3 hour Impact which has a 8pm start time.

The final recap of 2009 was a beauty of an edited package. I thought it summed up the TNA year nicely. Cookies for the editing team.

For those who did not read my "Monday Night Wars Weight In" let me know what you think will happen.



  2. I heard it's only one night so I'm not sure if it's a wars per se correct me if I'm wrong but they are replaying it atleast in the states on Thursday so I don't know if it is a monday nigh wars

  3. TNA has been promoting it as "The Return of Monday Night Wars"

    No idea if it was one night or if they are planning to move nights.