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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 31st 2009 (Knockout Eve part 1)

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 1st 2010

And iTunes Canada had it ready early this morning.

I think doing a double show was a brilliant idea for the end of the year. And I am starting to wonder if this first half was a ploy to get me to write about the Knock Outs and break my rule of not talking about the women's division? Well, I will give you highlights on the Knock Out championship tournament.

First Round
Madison Rayne vs Hamada. They started with a collar tie up and Rayne got an inside roll on Hamada before Hamada started to target the arm of Rayne. Hamada delivered a few headbutts then walked the top rope before Rayne tossed her off balance. Hamada delivered a nasty sounding boot to the face. Rayne did get two near falls before having another vicious kick to the face given to her. Hamada used her hamadadriver for the win.

Traci vs ODB. ODB got the win

Roxxi vs Velvet Sky. Roxxi won with the voodoo drop.

Daffney vs Kong. Okay I have to say this though, the group of fans in the front row who were shaking the rails in time to Kong's music, um you looked like you should have been barred from ringside and I think they have a cream for that. This started off with a test of strength before Daffney got the knee out from under Kong, before Kong tossed Daffney to the ropes. Kong then used an inside leg bar submission. Kong then used her trademark slap torture rack before using her implant buster for the win.

There was a nicely packaged recap of Jeff Jarrett's .... situation... The editing team had that run a little longer then they normally run them so no cookies for you.

We then went to a fan voted best of match. From Turning Point (the Nov 15th 2009 ppv) the match of Wolfe vs Angle. They started with a collar tie up that ended with Wolfe in the corner before Angle started to work on the arm. Wolfe countered and got a wristlock on Angle while the crowd chanted "this is wrestling". Angle used a hip toss and a series of arm drags to get Wolfe down to the mat. Wolfe countered once again, getting both men up to their feet with another hammerlock. Angle was on the ropes, using them to break out of another one when Wolfe kicked the ropes, tossing Angle onto his back. Wolfe got Angle in the corner again with a simple double shove to the chest at close range before Angle kicked Wolfe. Angle used a suplex for a near fall. He got Wolfe into the corner using a series of shoulder blocks then Wolfe got out of the way sending Angle shoulder first into the ringpost. Wolfe then went to work on the left arm, using a combo submission move Angle got out of the move with a nice roll back trying to slap on the ankle lock but was unable. Angle did get a belly to belly take over before using a series of running closelines. Then Angle managed to get six german suplexes in a row. Wolfe then countered the Angle slam before using his vicious short closeline for a near fall. Wolfe was going for his tower of london but Angle blocked it. Angle went for his ankle lock, but Wolfe countered turning it into a figure four arm lock, before Angle rolled out and got his ankle lock on him. Wolfe made it to the ropes to break the hold and somehow got a mid air DDT on Angle. Wolfe then used a tower of london for a near fall. Angle went for a moonsault that caught nothing but empty canvas. Angle went for a frogsplash off the top rope for another near fall. Wolfe tapped out to the side triangle choke.

Then we were given a promo package called Before the Bell. That's all I am going to say on that.

Then we were given a recap of the ppv Final Resolution. Bashir was the one to get the Fired briefcase.

The British Invasion came out to ring side with the tag team belts. Um what? They won their match at Final Resolution vs MotorCityMachine Guns! that blows goat man. Seriously. When are we going to see those tag team belts around Sabin and Shelley??????????????? they were on commentary for the women's tag team match.

We then saw the second of the fan voted best of matches. From Turning Point the Samoa Joe vs Daniels vs A.J. Styles match. Daniels started right off with a slap/punch to Styles before getting into a punching match with Joe. Styles gave both men a series of closelines and forearms knocking Daniels down before giving Joe a series of shoulder blocks and going airborn with a flying forearm. Joe turned it around with a kick to the skull for Styles. Daniels used a jumping leg lerria (I can't spell it) knocking Joe out of the ring. Styles used a roll up for a near fall on Daniels. Styles and Daniels got into a back and forth of leapfrog before Styles went face first into the mat. Joe got back into the ring just as Styles delivered a drop kick to both men. Styles got Daniels down on the mat with a side head lock before using Daniels as a jump pole to give Joe a kick sending him face first into the ring apron before he landed outside. Joe got back into the match by using the top rope to the throat of Daniels. He then had Daniels in the corner with a series of rapid shots before kicking Styles in the ribs. Joe got Daniels down on the mat into a submission with a legbar which was broken up by Styles using a running knee drop. Styles used a suplex on Joe. Daniels started to work on the neck of Styles then got both Styles and Joe in a double submission move that was half camel clutch half boston crab. Joe bit Daniels hand breaking the hold then got Styles in the corner with a series of kicks to the neck and skull. Daniels went for a moonsault but got caught on the ropes by Styles and Joe chopped him from outside the ring. He then slapped on a rear naked choke on Daniels but Styles knocked both men out with an over the top flop. Back in the ring, Styles gets a near fall on Joe then uses a head scissors then Daniels came back into the ring and got caught in the corner. Joe then got Styles in the middle of the ring for a series of submission moves that lead him to two near falls. Daniels used a combo dragon sleeper and chokeslam getting both men in a pile up. ..... And we hit the end of this episode

Don't forget Monday Jan 4th will have a special 3 hour Impact Live. It will have an 8pm start time.

Since iTunes Canada had this a two different downloads, please check back in an hour or so for part 2

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