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Friday, October 30, 2009

ECW October 27,2009

ECW October 27, 2009-- The show began with the Abraham Washington show. His special guest was non other than Tiffany the shows gm. who went on to say that the show has hosted great stars like Kofi Kingston and John Morrison. She was quickly shut off by William Regal and his goons Regal demanded a title shot. To which Tiffany said no he'd probably never get a title shot again. Then she left the show. William Regal then proceeded to rip apart the Abraham show.

The first match was Shamus battling Shelton Benjamin one last time before leaving ECW for RAW. There was a lot of tough action in this match ultimately ending with Shamus defeating Shelton. Shamus seems to be a very angry Irish Warrior. Wonder what he will bring to RAW.

Next was a confrontation between Burchill and Hurricane. Burchill challenged Hurricane to meet in the ring, for the next episode of ECW. The next match was Captain Charisma Christian versus Yoski Tatsu for the ECW title. It was a good match with lots of action and the winner was Captain Charisma. William Regal delivered a powerful message to both Christian and Tiffany. Find out next week what she has to say to him.

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