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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smackdown Results : 10/9/09

Yes it's a week late, cause no one wanted to do the review.

This was a new season with a new theme and new intro.

There was a recap of the Hell in a Cell match which has a new champ in the Undertaker

#1 Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho.
Mysterio won

#2 Diva's match. Eve vs McCool.
McCool won.

#3 John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler
Morrison won

#4 R-Truth /Matt Hardy vs Kane/Drew McIntyre
McIntyre got the win

#5 Batista vs CM Punk
Punk won.

This was a better episode then I have seen come out of wwe in over a year. I can still find a lot of issues with the show starting with the fact the old guys won't go away.
John Morrison is still being called a rookie even though he's been in the wwe for close to 8 years already. In my books that is a veteran.
Undertaker needs to step down and hand the torch over to someone new.
The tag teams in the wwe are eye sores that are more often then not, thrown together for no real purpose other then to be popcorn fill.

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