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Friday, October 23, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 22 2009 (Ultimate X version)

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Oct 23 2009

I used screen captures again for this post

We open with another new set of opening credits, and yes I like this one.

I know I said months ago I would not talk about the MainEventMafia anymore, but I have to point out that when Kurt Angle came to the ring alone, I did a little dance of joy. Oh and sidenote, I love the idea of printing the wrestler's height and weight under his name. (right) Rhino running out to give the official word that Booker T has left the company (another happy dance)

A.J. Styles and Daniels promo was... and I have said it before but it seems to need repeating, guys who do goth over the age of 18, never a good thing ever. (unless Daniels is going for a drag queen thing?)

Homicide getting a head start on his match with Amazing Red as he gave him a five minute beat down in the tunnels. Seen that before, give me something fresh. The match finally started with Don West at ringside. Homicide got the win

Steiner vs the evil druid Matt Morgan. I will stop calling him the evil druid when he gets rid of that bad horror movie robe. Interesting way to set up the story with Lashley and Steiner for upcoming shows, though a little over the top for my taste almost comical. In case you didn't pick up on my tone, Lashley interfered. But because of a blind ref, the evil druid matt morgan got the win.

Nash/Samoa Joe vs Styles/Daniels. Styles and Joe started the match with a flash of quick moves that left me spellbound. Daniels tagged in, getting two near falls on Joe before tagging Styles back in. Joe managed to ground Styles with a kick and a centon before tagging in Nash. Taz announced that Kevin Nash has been wrestling with a broken hand for the last while. Daniels tagged back in and managed to get a near fall on Nash by double teaming Nash and Joe. Nash got the win with a choke slam.

Eric Young's promo was well done. It's nice to see him with a belt. I have been saying this for awhile, I love him as a Heel.

Rhino vs Hernandez. This looked to be all Hernandez until Rhino caught him on the ropes. Team 3D were on the mic for this match, and I have to say, even I am finding it difficult to tell if Brother Ray's commentary was scripted or not. But Hernandez managed to turn it back in his favour with a top rope splash for the win.

Desmond Wolf (ROH 's Nigel McGuinness) introduction was slick. Love it! Angle went to the ring shortly after and called him out.

Beer Money Inc vs British Invasion in a six sides of steel match. Nice. Roode came to the ring holding his side and when he removed his ring shirt you could see his injured ribs. Doug Williams got a lovely suplex on Roode. (I've had broken ribs not fun) Either it was a real injury or Roode's acting has improved. Brutus Magnus tagged in and slapped a camel clutch on Roode. Storm finally tagged in, with large fore arms for both British Invasion members. He then got a backbreaker on Brutus. Beer Money managed to get a tower happening from the top of the steel cage, slamming both BI members to the mat. This gave Storm a near fall before Brutus slapped the ref. Smart move by the British Invasion as it caused a DQ, they loose but keep their belts.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Their promo was very ....sad actually. I was sitting here thinking that Alex Shelley was looking sick then I heard him try to talk with his bad throat and understood why. Hope he recovers smoothly. And with the camera angle I couldn't take my eyes off Chris Sabin's hair. Sorry, I know I promised but you know whats coming...the hair rant. It looks like our hair gel king is trying to cover up a small....they went up against Lethal and Creed in an Ultimate X match. Shelley, Sabin, we have talked about the bad kiss concert pants but you still refuse to listen to me...all four men took a corner and tried to start the match by finishing it, but Sabin grabbed Creed pulling him down just as Lethal ran down to grab Shelley. They used a beautiful double team kick on Lethal knocking him out of the ring. Oh lovely, they baited Creed and Lethal with what looked at first to be a double suicide dive only to have Sabin distract while Shelley ran for the X. Creed then got half way to the X before the Guns! each grabbed a leg and pulled him back down to the mat. Lethal was making his way to the cables, and Sabin with a hand from Shelley catwalked the top rope to grab Lethal and hang him upside down from the cable (Lethal was upsidedown) Somehow Lethal made it almost to the X and Sabin being the monkey he is leaped almost the whole cable to land right beside him. Sabin shot off a few rapid kicks to Lethal's ribs knocking both of them down to the mat. Lethal grabbed Shelley and tossed him overhead landing Shelley on his nose (that boy breaks his nose so often) Creed then got a nasty looking closeline on Sabin. Lethal slapped a Boston Crab on Sabin in the middle of the ring, giving Creed a chance to climb the cables. Shelley got the sliced bread off the cables on Lethal and injured his knee (Shelley's knee) Sabin got the X for the win.


  1. his hair still needs a good cutting

  2. I wonder if long hair make it harder to fight I would think not just pull him by the hair...ouch that's gotta hurt. Chris the hair has to go

  3. I have been saying that since March.

    Good to know I am not the only one who thinks long hair on men is a bad thing.

    But the rest of Chris Sabin is sexier then hell in a bathtub.

  4. yes I agree but that hair what is with that my kids have shorter hair then him and they are girls. :D

  5. Scorch!

    Oh my. See, I knew there was a reason I had to bring the hair rant out of retirement

  6. it's just not looking good for Chris. I tell ya it's the hair if he had short hair he would look all the more yummier

  7. Hey back off Mrs WWE, I'm Miss TNA Girl around here hahaha

  8. but I get TNA and you don't so hahahahaha

  9. That there is fighting words I tells ya. Come on now, I've got a Cradle-Shock on you.