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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Global Impact 2

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Oct 10 2009

I used screen captures for this post

I guess iTunes Canada loves me too after all. They got the hint and had the show available this morning.

The show started off very different then a normal episode of Impact, with a low key over view of the press conference that was held before the event. I am not talking about the typical promos that are staged as "press conferences" on other wrestling shows, but a real news and proper media press release.
The flash back from the year before was packaged nicely, giving just enough information to give the audience a back story between the teams.

First up was the MotorCityMachine Guns! They wrestled No Limits for the IWGP Jr belts. I was caught up watching this one and it wasn't until the Guns! slammed into each other that I remembered I'm suppose to be taking notes. Alex Shelley got crushed with a leg drop to the jaw twice, before Chris Sabin was able to land one of his suicide dives. We then see Shelley is bleeding; not sure if it's his nose or mouth. Sabin managed to get a submission hold on, don't think I have ever seen him use submissions before. Sabin got in one of his beautiful spring rope DDTs. They used a combined move to get the win. The post promo showed just how much damage Shelley had taken during the match, with a swollen lip and broken nose.

Next was Kurt Angle/Kevin Nash as part of an 8 man tag. (sorry I didn't get the names of the other men) Nash started this one off with a few trademark forearms. There were so many quick tags I lost count. Angle finally made it in to the match near the end, and used a beautiful suplex. Angle managed to get this trademark Ankle Lock on for the win.

Final match was Team 3D vs Togi Makabe/Toru Yano for the IWGP belts. Devon started the match off. Both teams went for an early pin. Brother Ray tagged in turning it into a slug fest. Weapons then appeared as this was a hardcore match. Brother Ray managed a frog splash with some humour. They used a 3D and won the belts.

This was a very well put together episode. I liked the seriousness of it, and the quick packaged promos.

And given it was only an hour show, the three matches were well paced.


  1. iTunes Canada actually listened to the fans and got it. Sweet.


  3. And you must be too for not having the balls to say that with your name attached.

  4. As are Bi-Guys. If it wasn't for Bisexual men, I'd never get laid.
    Damn that says something about our city.

  5. You didn't just say that? Tell me, you didn't just say that?

    I hope that's a joke. If not why would you post that. It's offensive to so many people!

  6. Major Blazer what are you freaking out about?
    What's offensive?

  7. Well, firstly, men and women most of all should not post about their sex life here.

    Secondly, you just insulted any straight male that tried to get with you. We met on a dating site, remember?...I'm not you get it, now?

  8. Well for starts, if you read the whole thing Danny and I are replying to some loser who made the nasty comment against a wrestler.

    Second, I know full well where we met, but you and I never dated.

    Chill out.

  9. I never said I didn't read the whole thing. What's your point? That's not an excuse.

    What does dating have to do with having sex...? Nothing. Again, what's your point?

    Maybe you should chill out and take a minute to think before you reply.