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Friday, October 23, 2009

Jim Ross

On his way to taping Smackdown Jim Ross fell ill. He has been suffering from Bell's Palsy and taking medication to slow the process of the illness down. He will not be heard from on Smackdown this week due to going home to Oklahoma to seek the medical treatment from a neurologist who has since diagnosed Jim Ross with full blown Bell's Palsy. It is causing him trouble on his right side including his eye sight. WWE has been good with giving him time to deal with his illness before deciding what is the next step from him. Jim Ross has been with WWE for a long time. He is hopeful that his recovery will not take too long. He will be watching Bragging Rights from his home. We hope he has a speedy recovery.


  1. Time to bring in "Oklahoma" to replace him. LOL!

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  3. that's not nice, we don't tease you cause you ranaway. You should be nice you use to like wrestling. Shame on you :(