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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smackdown October 16, 2009

Smackdown October 16, 2009

The show began with Teddy Long coming out to announce the 7 on 7 for Bragging Rights. Announcing that Chris Jericho would lead team Smackdown. To which Chris went to the ring and did alot of talking about the 7 on 7. Then Kane came out to inform Chris that he was named the other Captain of the 7 on 7.

The 1st match of the night was between Finlay and Mike Knox and Dolph Ziggler. Then typical with a three way lots of dancing around the ring. The bodies started jumping around the ring. With Finlay dominate for a bit. Ziggler tried to pin Knox who kicked out twice, before Finlay jumped in and started attacking Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler won the match and is heading to bragging rights.

Next was a tag team qualifing match Cryme Tyme against The Hart Dynasty. The Hart Dynasty started out strong really punishing Cryme Time while Teddy Long and Chris Jericho looked on in the office. Cryme Tyme is headed to bragging rights. Team Smackdown is turning out to be an interesting group of fighters.

Mickie James is talking to Teddy Long about coming to Smackdown. Then Beth Pheonix threatens Michelle McCool about her title not being around long. Then it pans to Vince McMahone on the cell phone being interrupted by C.M. Punk, who's whinning about the four way match for the title. Vince humors him and then denies that he will call off the fatal four way. Next week on Smackdown will be a repeat match of Undertaker versus C.M. Punk the referee and Teddy Long all there.

Next match to be announced was Eric Escobar being walked down to the ring with Vicky Guerrero. His opponent is none other than Matt Hardy. To determine who will be allowed to advance to Team Smackdown. Hardy tried many times in the begining to pin the newcomer. Vicky Guerrero distracted the refree with some kind of ailment which allowed Eric Escobar to win the match allowing him to move up to bragging rights on Team Smackdown.

Next was the dirt sheet was just John Morrison and The Miz mud slinging each other over who's better. We shall see at Bragging Rights. Bragging Rights in on 1 week from Sunday at 8:00 pm.

The next match is R-Truth against Drew McIntyre for advancement to Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights. R-Truth took alot of control in the beginning of the match as he's been being attacked by Drew McIntyre for a while now for no reason. By the time the commercials ended the match has gone against R-Truth and McIntyre is doing the dominating. Drew McIntyre won by a count out when he sent R-Truth into the steel steps, and snuck back into the ring, while the referee was still counting.

Undertaker appeared with a message to C.M.Punk this was his message "It has been said that history has a way of repeating itself, but not in this yard. CM Punk, Theodore Long, and Scott Armstrong once again the three of you have decided to tempt your own fate and rescue the holy grail from deaths grip. Once you enter hell's gate there is no turning back." At Bragging Rights Undertaker has sworn to take CM Punk's soul.

Rey Mysterio against Batista. Alot of the beginning of the match was Rey trying to beat down Batista, who stands alot taller than Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio tried to deliver a 619 but no one was home. Batista speared Rey and tried repeatdly to pin him. Rey successfully delivers a 619 after injuring Batista's leg. Rey took the win. Batista is arguing with the referee over the verdict but in the end accepts it. CM Punk grabs Rey Mysterio and puts him to sleep. And goes running in the crowd.

Make sure to look for the review of Bragging Rights.


  1. I have to give credit to wwe for honoring Eddie Guerrero's contract by letting Vickie work the last few years. It's great to see a "real woman"(older, full sized ) on a weekly tv show.

  2. yes this is very true wish she had a more positive role. But to allow her to continue is a great thing