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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA for Oct 29th 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Oct 30th 2009

Had to hunt it down on youtube. So it's hours late.

Okay, right off, if you read my rant few days ago you know how I feel about Hogan. Let me show you my letter here. There now that issue is out of the way on to the show...

We open with Wolfe who called out Kurt Angle, and I have to say I like this story plot. This is going to turn into a wicked feud.

We cut to AJ Styles doing a promo only whoever uploaded it to youtube pulled a prank or something cause the sound makes everyone sound like monsters or so crap....

Okay, we pick up with Team 3D in the locker room for their promo....

Eric Young had a Legends Title match vs Lashley. Young got tossed about 7 feet straight up in the air to land hard on his back. Steiner interfered in the match causing a DQ.
The rest of World Elite then came out to the ring in white jump suites looking like Elvis impersonators. Why? Oh but wait the rumours are true... no not that the big ugly useless one is a flaming hoop or who knows maybe ..... that the British Invasion is not allowed to work for a few weeks. Um that's just stupid. Eric Young changing the title of the belt to Global Championship, I 'm digging on that. As a Canadian, I just wish Mr. Young would start wearing the Canadian colours again.

I can't believe I am about to address this but....Mike Tennay your comment during ODB's match was so not needed.

Dr. Stevie vs Abyss. This was a hardcore match. At one point Abyss slammed Dr. Stevie's jaw into the steel steps. this was all Abyss, and he got the win with the shock treatment.
Mick Foley came down to the ring after the match ended and hit Dr. Stevie... okay

Rhino vs the evil druid Matt Morgan. I got distracted during this match. But the evil druid Matt Morgan won. Hernandez ran down after the match was over and scared off Rhino.

Whomever uploaded it to youtube had glitches and sound issues on Samoa Joe's promo

Homicide's promo was different. Going after Don West was a brilliant move. Nice to see a new element.

Kurt Angle vs Wolfe. Hmm, bald and British yummy. Angle came across strong for the first few minutes with kicks. Wolfe took control with a series of elbows to the face before Angle tossed Wolfe out of the ring. Wolfe got back on top with another series of short close lines and forearms to Angle's throat. It looked like Wolfe injured Angle with one of his closelines.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in the bad kiss concert pants. Serious boys you're doing now just because you know I don't like those pants. They went against Team 3D to a full on chant of MotorCity. Always nice to hear. Alex Shelley started off against Devon, with Devon getting a nice arm bar on Shelley. Shelley managed to get the better of Devon by simply tripping him. Shelley had a quick cover but Devon kicked out. Both Brother Ray and Chris Sabin tagged in. Brother Ray had Sabin in what looked like a very painful shoulder lock, before Sabin used his quickness to get out of it. Sabin who we all know is part monkey, got a spring board splash on Brother Ray for a near fall. Sabin was then dropped on his neck. Shelley ran into the ring and slammed Devon in the knee right after Devon had tagged in. Shelley got the tag and started to work on Devon's knee in the middle of the ring. Brother Ray tagged in and got another near fall on Shelley. Devon tagged back in and Shelley got a single leg crab on him causing Devon to tap out.
*Note* This is the match Chris Sabin suffered an injury taping last week. I am not sure how I feel about the fact Alex Shelley kept going on this match. I have mixed emotions on the fact that he continued without even stopping to check on Sabin till after the match was over.

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